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For many years as a Zenthai Shiatsu practitioner I listened. With my ears of course and then with my hands, elbows, knees and feet. And then with my whole being. I learned to hear contraction and stagnation, whether it physical, emotional or spiritual, and how to speak to it. Attending to the belief, the thought pattern, the emotional scar or simply fragmentation and dissatisfaction through dialogue became a skill my clients increasingly came to me for. And so now that’s just what I do, in person or online. It seems contrary to call it a skill, there’s no piece of paper to call it so. Just people interested in getting out of their own way and doing so with me pointing a torch in a particular direction.


While focussing on the ground of being to alleviate disconnection in the relative is very effective, my hope is to help people bridge the relative and the absolute, to connect the everyday machinations of life to the deeper truth of who we are. Building that relationship, in my experience, is a real key to equanimity and peace. It concrete terms it is supporting the awareness of the fundamental relationship between thought/emotion and somatic experience and taking full responsibility for it. A stability in one’s sovereignty, in one’s essential being is the place real choice begins.


NB: In this field of work there is often levels of trauma involved, I refer those with significant trauma to specialists.

Sessions are priced at $50/hr

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"It was such a transformative experience...It really did click something inside me. I have acquired this powerful lens from which my sight is crispy clear - what a joy!"

Ren Jin -  Engineer, Shiatsu Practitioner

"Luke is a deep listener and intuitively knew what I needed... I got so much from our discussion... and I left the session feeling deeply whole and centred. Just being in his presence is therapeutic - a rare and special find."

Emily Toner - Mindfulness Consultant - emilytoner.com