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Learning Meditation with Luke
Multiple Dates
Championing contentment and clarity within.
13 Sept, 5:45 pm – 7:00 pm
The Butiner Studio,
3/56 Lysaght St, Coolum Beach QLD 4573, Australia

Course Outline

Practicing sitting still or meditation and managing everything that arises from a life of conditioning, habits and often trauma is no small thing. So a regular practice can fundamentally alter the quality of your life for the better. By the end of this 6 module course you’ll be clear on your habitual patterns and how best to navigate your own internal terrain as well as knowing what tools work best for you. Each module consists of a guided meditative practice (20 mins.), a talk on the subject matter and time for a Q & A. Each module is a 60-75 mins session.


Module 1 - The Breath & The Body

Giving attention to the breath is one of the foundational anchors in meditation. This first week brings emphasis to this intrinsic part of who we are and how it can consistently be an integral component of a meditation practice. Through awareness of, approach to and techniques of conscious breathing we'll develop this foundation for attention. We also delve into the sensations of the body, the narrative around them and how we can alter our relationship to these through meditation practice. The role of the senses in the meditative experience will also be explored.


Module 2 - The Thoughts & Emotions

Ahh the incessant thoughts! The bane of our existence or a stream of memory and ideas that holds little influence? This week we get curious about the stories we tell ourselves and how strongly that narrative affects us. We explore how a meditative practice can shift this influence and maybe even dissolve it. Often our emotions are so intimately woven with our thoughts that it’s hard to know where one begins and the other ends. They often cycle around each other in constant motion. This week we also delineate emotional content to get some perspective on it and its source. The arising of emotion is the language of the body, and it can be better understood through a meditative practice.


Module 3 - Listening

The art of listening without judgement is a foundation of meditation. Like listening to rain on a tin roof, how can we listen to all the aspects of ourselves without fear or favour? This week is about practicing this and forgiving ourselves every time we falter. Accepting yourself as you accept your dearest friend.


Module 4 - Relationship

Getting curious in a meditative way about where we end and where everything else begins can be a doorway into week 5 - Self Image/Absorption. How we are defining the relationship we have to ourselves and everything else comes up for consideration this week. Is our definition true?


Module 5 - Self Image/Absorption

Absorption is beyond our manufacturing, although we can give ourselves to the potential. This week we practice surrender and acceptance with no agenda to glimpse what’s on the other side of control, we let go into the unknown. This is the realm of no self image.


Module 6 - Integration 

And how on earth is this practice applicable in my day to day life? What in my life affects this practice? These questions are the grist for the final week. We explore making moments conscious to retreat deep dives and how food, lifestyle and environment can help or hinder.