Real freedom is the absence of someone wanting to be free

"The act of meditation is an invitation to relax into your true nature. To be established in meditation is to live from our unconditioned being. Liberate the mind and consciousness itself, find stillness and equanimity within and invite a full heart, compassion for self and others and an unwavering foundation from which to be in the world."

Luke offers one on one consultations in person or via skype/zoom with a focus on meditation, enquiry and spiritual mentorship. These sessions are to help focus on specific hindrances to one's awakening process, to relieve contraction around such internal stories and establish in one's true nature. Sessions are priced at $50/hr, please get in contact for any questions.

"Luke is a deep listener and intuitively knew what I needed... I got so much from our discussion... and I left the session feeling deeply whole and centred. Just being in his presence is therapeutic - a rare and special find."

Emily Toner - Mindfulness Consultant -