The Illusion Is Real

Notes on waking up inspired by

- The Matrix Trilogy -

From the book, p.32


Morpheus: “All I’m offering is the truth, nothing more”


Waking up from ego identification is indeed a revelation and in my experience it is true that much angst and restlessness is eased, but there is a whole process post glimpse or awakening honeymoon that continues to play itself out. Life is dynamic no matter what your perception of it is. This quote is a worthy caveat for anyone who has stars in their eyes about what waking up will entail. Waking to the field of perception beyond ‘me’ can also bring forth all manner of leftover conditioning that may, or more usually, may not be easy to process. Conditioned ways of operating can be quite stubborn, like getting beetroot out of whites. Acceptance of wearing a tie-dyed pink tee-shirt for a while will help. Owning the tie-dye pink is equivalent to having an awareness of your conditioning without yet having the tools to go beyond it. It all starts with awareness, the rest will follow.

Waking up for however long is significant, a very real change in orientation, but it is also just the beginning. The beginning of operating without the activity of ‘me’ at the centre. 

From the book, p. 81


The Oracle: “You got the gift but it looks like you’re waiting for something.”


So I’ll touch on how your readiness within plays its part in the awakening process later, for now let’s just focus on the gift.

Being alive is the gift. If seen for what it actually is; the infinite odds of probability, the incomprehensible scope of the known universe and the kicker of being conscious to it all playing live, here and now, it’s hard to consider it otherwise. The most dominant, insidious and brilliant way of missing this is considering yourself in the first place. Plenty of spiritually inclined practices centre primarily on turning inward to see how this consideration of yourself is playing itself out, what are the patterns and why, what’s it supported by and how to heal, treat, reframe, accept, love etc. these elements so they no longer hijack your consciousness. This is invaluable for an evolution in being. It is also still in the realm of ‘me’. If you follow this dismantling to its fruition, what remains is being, without reflection. 

This is the rest of a thousand lifetimes. Your life force moves freely in the body and beyond, expanding and connecting. Perception can be both vast and unhindered and razor specific, sensing all other energetic signatures of your surrounds. The life force and energetic realm becomes the way you hear, see and sense. The dazzling complexity of life is somehow encapsulated within an instant. Without identity framing experience, perceiving is ever new, as it is, uninterpreted, unrepeatable. And despite much external evidence for the contrary, there is deep abiding harmony and peace. Just in case you were in need of another sales pitch.

None of this exempts you from any and all human life possibilities. All external machinations are still very much the case. If life is anything, it is consistent. How established you are in being will indeed be trialled within the everyday. Any ideas about how such being operates in the day to day should summarily be discarded. It will be discovered in due course, and be unique to you.