Mentorship and Zenthai Shiatsu


Currently Luke has stepped away from Zenthai Shiatsu treatments and teaching, during this time he still offers one on one sessions with a focus on meditation, enquiry and spiritual mentorship. These sessions are to help focus on specific hindrances to your awakening process, to relieve contraction around such internal stories and establish in your true nature. Sessions are priced at $50/hr, connect here for any questions or to book a session.

Zenthai Shiatsu, with its source in the spirit of all things and a five element Chinese medicine foundation, it is a meditative practice that is both energetic and physical therapy. It is a combination of three modalities, Zen Shiatsu, Traditional Thai Massage and Osteopathic techniques.


Awakening and Bodywork

"The first glimpse of awakening is a moment or two of life, as it is, without narrative thought. For whatever reason this narrative drops and the experience of simply being is all that’s left. "You" leave the building. This doesn’t cost "you" anything, the glimpse is free. Remaining as, or more accurately realising, pure being will cost you "you". This is enlightenment, as conventional language would have it these days.

Some people hear about or have this first experience and will chase it no matter what, they simply must know what it’s about. Most others will try to be happy with their narrative of life, until life throws a curveball that doesn’t fit said narrative. Some people will have an experience out of the blue and have no reference for it at all leaving them potentially very confused. For others still there will be the slow burn of dissatisfaction, that’s trying to be escaped from; to no avail. No version is good or bad, and every individual version will have it’s own flavour. In my case, it was the former with plenty of narrative belief and dissatisfaction along the way.

In any case, for more and more people these opening or curveball moments are potentially wonderful, benign or brutal or anywhere in between and they can come with a raft of psychological, emotional and physical manifestations. It’s come to pass that my practice is centred around and working with these people. We dialogue to illuminate the narrative veil or belief and the bodywork supports the openness realised to register through and instil within the whole being. It’s simply embodying a change or shift that wants to happen. As we get more attuned to moving as life would have it, a natural or more true being is revealed.' 

'Rarely do you come across a practitioner who is truly a master of their art. Luke is such a person. What he does is bodywork but so much more. It is bar none the deepest and most thorough, healing and satisfying bodywork I've come across, and I've had lots! Don't think about going to see him. Just do it! I guarantee you will be very glad you did.'

Belinda Bailey - Transpersonal Counsellor/Life Coach

''Fluid consciousness" - I am in deep awe at the potency that Luke's fluid presence has the moment I enter the Zenthai Sanctuary. I often don't arrive feeling my most easeful and centred, but, within an hour and a half, I always remember something, underneath the layers and patterns I’d wrapped myself in and gathered over the days/weeks/years, or in a moment, I find joy and hope again.


Zenthai with Luke is a looking back, into oneself, with the kind, gentle and clear midwifing of Luke, guiding, supporting and giving space for my heart, mind, body and spirit to emerge fully and lusciously in this moment.'

Charlotte Roberts - Vocal Artist

 - Learn the art of Zenthai Shiatsu -

The 4 day Level 1 Introduction to Zenthai Shiatsu is run many times during the year on the East Coast of Australia, it is prerequisite for the 9 month Therapist Program. To find out more go to