A Steiner education gave Luke a broad foundation from which to explore, especially in nature. This led to a BA (Hons) in Outdoor Education at La Trobe University, Bendigo, which finished with an honours thesis,  'Analysis of the Parallels between Physics and Mysticism for the Purpose of application to Outdoor Education.' It was during this transformational year at the age of 23 that Luke began a deeper meditative inquiry. What followed has been 20+ years of study and contemplation of various wisdom traditions and teachers. This study has taken place in Australia, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, USA and India; including training both in formal settings and in silent solitary practice.


Luke began sharing meditation in 2016: he has taught in corporate settings with Carey Grammar School, on retreats with Sacred Earth Music and Zenthai Shiatsu trainings as well as offering private group, one on one and Skype sessions. He has Meditations available on Insight Timer as well. Luke was established in Zenthai Shiatsu since its inception in 2003. Studying with Gwyn Williams while adapting a practice that has continued to develop and evolve. Luke has also studied with other bodywork teachers including Arnoud L'hermitte, Kaline Kelly, Roland Combes, Jack Chiya, Pichet Boonthume, Itzhak Helman and Ronan Tang. Luke has taught Zenthai Shiatsu since 2013 and co-taught the first Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist program in Melbourne, 2019. Along the way Luke has also studied and worked in the fields of acting, writing, visual arts, photography, carpentry, music management and outdoor education.


BA (Hons) Outdoor Education, Vic.
Dip. Ed. (Vis.Arts), Qld.
Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist/Facilitator - Mt. Ninderry Healing Centre, Qld.
Zenthai Flow Yoga Teacher - Shanti Agung, Bali

Yin Yoga Teacher - Yoga 213, Melbourne.

Meditation Teacher - Rishikesh, India & Byron Yoga